Week 1- Nairobi

Hey friends! Just wanted to share an update with you! For the past week our team of 6 has settled into Nairobi, Kenya. We have gotten such a warm welcome by all of the Life In Abundance staff here at the headquarters. They have taught us about the LIA ministry model, prayer, and community development within the neighborhoods. We visited and served with a church in Kibera, making shoes and bracelets with them to sell as a way for income. For the past couple days we have been engaging with a school in Mathare, dancing with the children and doing home and business visits to learn about the community. I have noticed an overwhelming dependence on the Lord in everyone we have met, regardless of the physical poverty that’s surrounding them. God has been teaching me the holiness of prayer and worship as an authentic way to communicate with our Father. I sing praises to Him for continuing to reveal His heart to me and for a smooth journey so far. I ask for your prayers in continued rest and energy for our team and for safe travels tomorrow. I’m thankful that you are apart of this transforming story. Blessings to you!
Margaret Geraghty

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