Farewell Kenya (from Morgan Kast)


I am officially halfway through my internship! Tomorrow morning my team and I will be flying out to Ethiopia!

The past three weeks in Kenya have been wonderful. I have learned and experienced so much of the Kenyan culture, both urban and rural. God has been constantly teaching me daily and has definitely stretched me in my faith.

The first week was spent in Nairobi at the Life In Abundance headquarters. My team and I received training on missions and the wholistic model that Life In Abundance practices for outreach/ministry. We also visited two of the major slums, which were hard to take in at many moments. The pastors and Community Health Evangelists (CHEs) in these areas are doing ministry in hard places. My team was able to just love on these people and encourage them as we were given the ability to see the Life In Abundance ministry model in action.

Last week was spent in an area called Kisumu, which is a much more rural area. We visited another slum in that area and spent all week working with local pastors and CHEs. I felt like relationships grew deep in this week, and both my team and the pastors were encouraged. We worked in the community and did several home visits.

In between our travel to Kisumu and Narok, we were surprised by LIA staff. We went to Masai Mara for a two day safari! It was absolutely beautiful and my team had a great time.

This past week was spent in Narok, which is very rural. My team was stretched here a great deal, since this was many people’s first time to even see a white person. The Maasai tribe of Kenya is mainly gathered in this area. They are very traditional in their lifestyle and depend heavily on farming or livestock, so we were able to engage with many people from this tribe to see how they live and are still people of the faith.

Praise the Lord for everything he has done and will continue to do. I am learning to lean on God more and more each day, that he has so much in store for me if I will just continue to run to him first. I feel like God and the Spirit have been moving through me and speaking through me more and more as this internship progresses. Life In Abundance has taught me the importance of caring for the whole person: economically, socially, Health wise, educationally, and spiritually. The calling I have felt from God to become a missionary for many years now has definitely been affirmed throughout this trip, and I am excited to see where the rest of this adventure takes me with him.

I ask that you continue to pray for safe journeys, unity among my team, and for God to use my team and I to truly impact and encourage the people we encounter.

Again, thank you for your support through finances and prayer. This trip would have not been possible without you. Thank you for being a partner in this ministry that God has asked me to involve myself in.

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